1/20- Pheobe Harrison

12/19- Princess Conkel

10/19- Ted Zehr

9/19- Hanson & Haley Wegner

8/19- Shonee Peterman

7/19- Brody Buchman

5/19- Missy Livermore

2/19- Oliver Gallagher

1/19- Abigail Sunshine Keigley

10/18- Chance Deeth

8/18- Piper Kreutz

7/18- Sasha Holt

6/18- Lily Rangel

5/18- Phoebe Neuroth

4/18- MJ Ploeger

3/18- Peppermint Patty

3/18- Nomar Gustason

2/18- Bella & Maddie Mann

1/18- Ollie McNeley

12/17- Murphy Mortens

11/17 – Hudson and Bailey Reed

10/17 – Beau Enga

8/17 – Pickles Guddall

6/17 – Sasha Schnathorst

5/17 – Willow Davis

Sadie Hoogland4/17 – Lilly Stoner

Sadie Hoogland3/17 – Buddy Murphy

Sadie Hoogland2/17 – Cooper Plueger

Sadie Hoogland1/17 – Buddy “Deputy Dog” Hornberg

Sadie Hoogland12/16 – Chance Deeth

Sadie Hoogland11/16 – Bella Tud

Sadie Hoogland9/16 – Bella Clayworth

Sadie Hoogland7/16 – Pete Atwood

Meet Pete Atwood our current Spotlight Pet! He was adopted from the from the ARL in November 2009. He loves to swim, beg for table scraps, and lay on our deck in the sun. He’s loyal and sweet, and is always up for cuddling. We love him, and we know you will too!

6/16 – Charlie and Nikolai Miller

charlie nikolai

Sadie Hoogland5/16 – Duke Aldrich

Sadie Hoogland4/16 – Katie Reimann

Sadie Hoogland3/16 – Remington Aylesworth

Sadie Hoogland1/16 – Mouse Lambert

Congratulations Mouse! You are a fantastic patient and all of us at Ankeny Animal Health Clinic adore you!

Sadie Hoogland12/15 – Wilbur Holscher

Congratulations to Wilbur Holscher for being an awesome pet and patient! We love you Wilbur, you are truly a suPURRlative cat!

Sadie Hoogland11/15 – Sadie Hoogland

Congratulations Sadie Hoogland you are this month’s Pet of The Month! She is such a good girl. She loves to go for walks, play ball, and watch tv with her family at night! Sadie has been a wonderful addition to her family and they can’t imagine their family without her!

barkleyandindyjirak10/15 – Indy & Barkley Jirak